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Established in Denmark in 1933 , today DEIF is a global supplier of green , safe and reliable control solutions for decentralized power production , marine & Offshore and wind turbines (Diesel,Gas,Hydro,steam and hybrid).

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ComAp Controllers
Field Gas & Flaring 
Thanks to technological improvements in the diesel generator engines and electronics , today we are able to provide solutions to oil and gas companies to take advantage of huge cost savings on fuel by utilizing ComAp Bi-Fuel conversion kits to the existing diesel generators and able to use of raw gas as it comes out of the Wellhead without sacrificing the power output of the engines . Instead of burning-off this natural gas, having  it essentially going to waste and contributing emissions that harm the environment, it is now can be used as another source of fuel to power the generators that in turn power their oil well   Pump jacks, man-camps, and other buildings when compared to diesel fuel alone, the cost savings are enormous.
The ComAp Bi-Fuel conversion system can even switch automatically to 100% diesel fuel in case the gas coming out of the well is intermittent in quantity or quality.
All parts and components of ComAp Bi-Fuel conversion kits are well-proven design and made /manufactured by the top and reliable quality in the industry to ensure able to deliver consistent power especially in the hash, demanding oil field applications.  


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